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October 26, 2018

We thought we'd let some our clients do the talking.

After just ONE session, this is what they had to say...

Shilan, 33: "Neeta THANK YOU so so so so so so much! You're absolutely amazing!!!! Like damn!!! You can truly work magic!! : )

It went amazing and everyone (st...

October 26, 2017

Hypnotherapy should be affordable for all

We think that Hypnotherapy should be affordable and accessible to all and we really need your help to get the government and Health Insurance Companies to listen!

If you're reading this, the chances are that you've already had so...

September 1, 2017

Turning your negative thoughts into positive action in 6 easy steps

The first indicator that you're experiencing a negative thought is the way you feel. If you wake up feeling crappy or as you're going about your normal everyday activities you find yourself feeling low,...

July 27, 2017

The truth is, everyone has a sad story. The chances are that somewhere along your journey of life, something not so great happened to you. You may or may not even know it, but you’ve carried the pain of that sadness around with you for your whole entire life. Like an i...

July 9, 2017

We've recently come across the work of author Byron Katie who shares this remarkably simple yet effective tool on how to be free of anxiety and tension. It's so simple you'll be wondering why you haven't been doing it all this time!

We'll leave Katie (as everyone calls...

March 19, 2017

Take the forest path test and discover:

  • Profound insights about yourself

  • What your inner most thoughts reveal about your beliefs

  • Your hidden perceptions about life

  • How to better understand your personal values


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