The Forest Path Personality Test

Take the forest path test and discover:
  • Profound insights about yourself
  • What your inner most thoughts reveal about your beliefs
  • Your hidden perceptions about life
  • How to better understand your personal values

Write down your answers in as much detail as possible, go with your first instinct The more detailed your answers, the better the analysis will be.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer!
The Test
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Take a few deep breaths, and slowly count down from five. Taking a deep breath between each count. When you reach the count of one, imagine yourself walking alone through a forest.

What do you see? How does everything make you feel?

What kind of trees are there?

Is it dark or bright?

You stumble across a path, describe the path.

Is the path clearly visible?


Are there any other paths?

Is the path wide or narrow?

Is the path traveled? 

Are there any obstructions on the the path?

You continue walking along the path until you come across a bear.

Describe the bear.

Where is the bear and what is it doing?

You need to continue on your journey, how do you get past the bear?

Once past the bear, you reach some water.

You need to cross over the water to continue on your journey.

How do you get across it?

Describe the water, is it still or moving?

As you continue on your journey, you stumble upon a key on the ground.

Describe the key.

What do you think it unlocks?

Decide what you do with the key and keep walking until you arrive at a beach.

Describe the beach.

Is anyone on the beach? 

You take in the sights and sounds of the beach and then turn back to continue on your journey.

You walk for some time until you reach a wall.

Describe the wall. 

Can you get past the wall?

Is there anything beyond the wall?