The Forest Path Test

This simple psychological test will give you profound insights about yourself. It will also help you discover your inner self.
Taking this quiz will reveal much about your perception of life which will help you understand your personal values. 
What does the Forest Path Test say about you....?

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The Forest

The forest represents how you felt about the world as you were growing up.

If you see squirrels playing then you felt that the world was a safe place.


The trees and the light in the forest represent the interaction that you had with adults as you were growing up, and the impact that this interaction had on you.


The taller the trees, the more influence adults had on your life.


The lighting represents the authority adults had  over you. The brighter the forest, the more you felt you had the freedom to do as you wanted and the happier you must have felt growing up. 


The darker the forest, the more restrictions you felt were placed on you, and the more likely you were to find yourself in stressful situations.


The Path

Adolescence is represented by the path through the forest.

The path's visibility indicates how prepared you were to handle situations during adolescence.


The more visible the path, the more successful you were at anticipating changes, and facing challenges.


A less visible path means you were less aware of what to expect and therefore some events may have left you feeling perplexed and bewildered.


Multiple paths are important choices that had to be made. If you saw many paths, you either saw many opportunities for yourself, or you were very confused about what choices to make.

The width of the path indicates room for emotional growth. The wider the path the more opportunities existed for emotional growth.

Meeting fellow travelers along the way, or a tidy and well maintained path, are indications of a frequently used path. A path that is not so frequently used, may have weeds and be scattered with litter.


The more traveled the path, the less evidence there is of feeling isolated from your friends and family.

Obstructions are the way that we perceive problems in adolescence. The more rocks, weeds and logs we see along the path, the more we feel that certain circumstances prevented us from accomplishing our goals.


The Bear

The Bear is symbolic of problems and how you deal with them. 

Tame bear: If you saw a harmless bear or a young playful bear, or even a teddy, then your life is probably stress free. When faced with a problem, you see it as a challenge or opportunity.

Menacing bear: You are more likely to see problems rather than creative challenges or opportunities. People under large routine stress will see large, dangerous bears.

If the bear has seen you but is ignoring you, then although you may be worried or anxious about something, you are not under unhealthy levels of stress.

If the bear is looking threatening or is coming right at you, you need a holiday!!! You are likely to be under high levels of stress.

How you continue your journey past the bar represents how you are affected by stress, how you deal with challenges and how you make decisions.

If you walk up to the bear, you face your problems head on. You take a direct and pragmatic approach to decision making.

If you avoid the bear, you may think your problems are insurmountable. You prefer a more indirect, non-confrontational approach to decision making.

If you ignore the bear, you pay little attention to setbacks and are not affected by stress.

If you were considering adopting the bear and taking it home, you have a healthy approach to life and every day challenges!

The Water

Water is symbolic of sex.


The depth and speed of the water you see is indicative of your attitude, appetite and approach to sex.The speed at which you see water moving is an indicator of your appetite for sex, but not necessarily your need.


The slower the water, the lower your appetite. The faster the water, the greater your appetite. 

The depth of the water is an indicator of how you see sex and what you want from it. For example, if you saw fast moving water, ‘little and often’ is for you.


If you saw deep waters, you get true fulfillment from deeper and more intense lovemaking.

The ease at which you cross the water is an indicator of your attitude and approach to sex and its impact on your life. The more easily you crossed the water, the more comfortable or liberal you’re likely to be in your approach to sex or its relevance in your life. 

The Key

The key represents work and career related interests.


The keys appearance may reveal how other people see your career.


The keys function reveals your career goals.

If you picked up the key, you are likely to grasp opportunities.


If you left the key where it was, you have or are likely to, let opportunities pass you by.

Appearance (how other people see your career):

The more ornamental the key, the more you prefer a career that is remarkable, distinctive or unique.

Outdated or antiquated keys show you feel more comfortable in a conventional or long established career.

Function (career goals):

If the key opens everyday things such as cars and school lockers, your expectations about your career in terms of wealth, joy and accomplishments are average.

Keys to royal residences, castles, fortresses or mansions reveal a desire for power.


If the key is able to unlock and open a number of things, you are probably undecided about which career path to follow.


Keys to items or places along the way reveal a desire to choose a career that will solve a challenge.


Keys that allow access to valuable things such as a treasure box indicate a desire to accumulate wealth.


Keys to personal belongings such as diaries or lockets indicate that a fulfilling career for you is one which addresses other people’s needs. 


A magical key or a key to a magical world may reveal excessively optimistic expectations from a career.


If the key is of little or no value, you are rather pessimistic about finding a rewarding and fulfilling career.

The Beach

The beach is symbolic of how you relate to people around you.

The number of people you pictured on the beach relates to the number of people you want around you.  A truly socially gregarious person is most comfortable in the company of a large number of people. They seek an audience and will see a beach packed full with people.

If you see a deserted beach, you are happy with your own company. You’re happy to spend long periods on your own where others would feel lonely.

If you saw one or two people, you wouldn’t like spending too much time in crowded pubs, clubs or bars. You may even avoid them. You have the potential to be a social animal but you wouldn’t get lonely stranded on a desert island. You’re content for long periods of time on your own.

Where you see people on the beach is symbolic of how you relate to people around you.


If you saw people close enough to talk to, this suggests you want contact with other people most of the time.

If you saw people that weren’t close enough to talk to, you don’t need contact with people all of the time but you like to know that someone is there for you.

If you saw people far off in the distance, you are happy with your own company.

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The Wall

The wall is symbolic of death.


If you cannot see beyond the wall, or cannot find a way past the wall you probably have a fear of death or a belief that life ends when you die.


If you can get past the wall, you don’t see death as the end... your journey continues.

How accurate was the test for you?