Skype Appointments

We offer sessions to clients worldwide, 7 days a week, at times to suit you.

Sessions can be held in the privacy and comfort of your own home via Skype or WhatsApp video.

The process, effectiveness and outcome of treatment is exactly the same for online sessions as it is for those held in person. The additional benefit being that you can continue to enjoy your relaxed state long after the session has ended.

What you need

You simply need a good, reliable internet connection and somewhere where you can relax (seated or lying down).

Most of our clients choose to have their sessions held in their bedroom or living room so that they can lie down on their bed or sofa during hypnosis.

It's best to arrange sessions at a time you won't be disturbed and somewhere where it's quiet and you can speak freely. Please allow a maximum of 2 hours for your first session.

We want you to be as comfortable as you can during your appointment so grab yourself a cuppa and whatever else you need to help you relax. (Don't worry, you'll have time for a comfort break!)

What to expect during your first session

Before the start of your first session, your consent form should be returned to us via email. Your form does not need to be signed if you type your name in the signature section.

We'll begin the session by explaining how Hypnosis works so you're fully aware of what to expect. 

We'll then discuss the issue you're seeking treatment for in detail. The more information we have about your issue, the more we can help you. This can usually take 45 minutes to an hour. Following this, we'll start the Hypnosis.

Call details

You can contact us on Skype by searching for 'Regency Hypnotherapy' or 

For WhatsApp video sessions, we will email you a mobile phone number shortly before the session begins.

Book an appoinment

Skype sessions can be arranged at short notice so get in touch today!

Call FREE on 0800 246 1017


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Further information

If you require any further information regarding Skype or WhatsApp video sessions, please feel free to call or email us anytime. 

Important information for your session

Sessions can be carried out via your phone or laptop. If you are using your phone, please ensure that you have somewhere to place your phone so you don't have to hold it.

During Hypnosis, your phone/ laptop should be placed next to you so we can see the side of your face and hear you clearly. 

You may find yourself feeling a little cold during Hypnosis (this is normal) so you might want to use a blanket or duvet for this part of the session.

*Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. If the session is cancelled due to poor internet connection, you will still be charged full session fees.