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How happy are you? Take the test!

So, I took the authentic happiness inventory survey and got a 2.5 out of 5! Surprised? I was. What surprised me even more is how my friends scored. One friend who I thought was living the life (according to her social media posts) scored 1.53 and another friend who was devastated after the recent loss of her father scored 2.4. I would have thought that their scores would have been the other way around?🤔 I've also noticed that the men I know are scoring higher (usually 3.5 or above) than the women I know (none have scored above 2.5).

How do you think you're going to score? What about your best friend? Your parents or your partner? Take the survey and answer the 24 thought provoking questions and lets find out!!! Don't forget to take a screenshot of your score!

Over the next few months, we'll be posting tips, tricks and hacks to increase your happiness using the greatest tool you'll ever own - your mind.

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See you there!

ps - if you scored above 4.5, get in touch - we want to know to know what your secret is. So far we've only come across one person with this score!

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