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Hypnotherapy should be affordable for all

We think that Hypnotherapy should be affordable and accessible to all and we really need your help to get the government and Health Insurance Companies to listen!

If you're reading this, the chances are that you've already had some experience with Hypnotherapy. Maybe you've had a session or you know someone who has. It's likely that you already know the benefits of Hypnotherapy so we don't have to explain how life changing just one session could be.

Why can't you claim cash back on therapy treatments?

If Hypnotherapy is so effective, why is it not recognised by Health Insurance Companies?

Whenever I see my Osteopath who charges £80 for 30 minutes, I never think about the cost. Why? Because I know that my Simply Health Insurance plan allows me to claim back 75% of the cost of that treatment. The same applies if I see my Dentist, Optician, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. But if I want to take care of mental health and seek help overcoming an addiction or phobia or manage my anxiety and stress levels – I’m on my own!

We see so many clients who desperately want a series of sessions to treat a variety of conditions but because they can’t afford them, they continue to suffer in silence. Why should Hypnotherapy only be available to those with a high level of disposable income?

We appreciate that Hypnotherapy can be expensive as are most services. However, fees are in line with those of your local Dentist, Osteopath, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist - who usually want you to have a series of treatments. None of them provide you with one to one undivided attention for 60 to 90 minutes at a time and very few will completely resolve your issue in just one session!

Why does BUPA cover your physical health but not your mental health?

We contacted all of the major Health Insurance Companies this week and spoke to Bupa, Simply Health, Aviva, Vitality and AXA. We were shocked to find that none of them provide cover for Hypnotherapy! WHY?

We all know that the NHS are at breaking point. Every time I have a hospital appointment I receive a text message informing me that missed appointments cost the NHS £160 per appointment! That's without them actually providing any treatment. How much does it cost the NHS if you actually attend? If Hypnotherapy can help a smoker who’s been addicted to smoking for 28 years quit in just one session – how much is this potentially saving the NHS is treating smoking related illnesses? The same applies to depression, anxiety, weight issues etc.

Today saw the release of another mental health report entitled 'thriving at work'. This report states that 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their jobs each year. That the annual cost to the UK economy of poor mental health at up to £99bn, of which about £42bn is borne by employers.

So why is no one recognising or investing in mental health schemes and treatments? Why is it that when Health Insurance Companies provide health plans, they don't consider 'health' to include mental health?

We want this to change and we urgently need your help to get our message across. We firmly believe that together we can make a real difference.!

Join Regency Hypnotherapy's campaign, lets make a difference together


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Our aims: The purpose of our petition is simple: 1. We want everyone and anyone to be able to access the life changing benefits of Hypnotherapy at affordable prices 2. We want Health Insurance Companies to recognise that health starts with good mental health and for their health plans to reflect this. 3. We want you to access treatment whenever you need it, the same way you go to the gym to take care of your body - without worrying about the cost of treatment.


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