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30 questions to get to know yourself (or your loved ones) better!

How well do you know your best friend, parents, loved ones or even yourself for that matter?

Take out 10 minutes, grab yourself a hot drink and learn more about yourself/ family today than you have in the last few years!

Here goes...

  1. What do you hope to achieve by answering the following questions?

  2. When did you lose it? That fire in your belly?

  3. What’s your 30 second elevator pitch? You meet a stranger in the lift/ elevator and have 30 seconds to introduce yourself. You like this person and want to keep them interested for personal/professional purposes. What’s your pitch?

  4. Who is favourite leader/ boss/ manager/teacher? What three qualities/ characteristics do you like most about them?

  5. How do you greet strangers? What level of energy do you bring to each new interaction? Do you take charge? Are you upbeat? Do you mumble? Or shy away? Is the way you greet strangers the way you’d want to be greeted?

  6. Who is the happiest person you know? Describe three of their qualities/ characteristics. Go further and ask them how they maintain such a sunny disposition.

  7. Who is the most depressing person you know? Describe three of their qualities/ characteristics. Do you have similar characteristics?

  8. Who is the most interesting person you know? What do you find so interesting about them?

  9. If for the rest of your days, you could only gift one film to friends - what would that film be and why?

  10. Same question but what book would you gift your friends? Why?

  11. What does your perfect day look like? Not your perfect day some time in distant future, but tomorrow. Working the same job, having the same funds, friends and family you have right now… if you could do tomorrow the best way you could, what would it look like? Would you wake up earlier? Would you exercise? How far is that ideal from what today looked like?

  12. When was the last time you complimented yourself? And for what reason? If you can’t remember, what would it take for you to tell yourself you did good?

  13. How do you react to criticism, regardless of whether it’s constructive or not? How would you like to react?

  14. Can you think of a time when you wanted something so much and you got it? Can you remember what your thoughts were? The intensity and frequency of those thoughts? Did you picture the outcome happening before it happened? Ever thought about using this power more often?

  15. When you’re bored, what do you Google or research- just for fun?

  16. If you could do it all again, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give your younger self? Why?

  17. What are 3 of your best personality traits and why?

  18. What are 3 of your worst personality traits and why?

  19. On your last day, after you’re gone. What 3 words would you want/ hope your nearest and dearest would use to describe you?

  20. In one sentence, sum up the life you hope to lead.

  21. What 3 qualities do you find instantly likeable in a person?

  22. What does the best version of you look like? How does s/he dress? Talk? Walk? How do you carry yourself? How do you interact with people?

  23. What’s holding you back from being the best version of you?

  24. If your life was being made into a movie, what would be the overriding theme of the film? What film would it be similar to?

  25. Who do you respect most in the world? Why?

  26. What’s your definition of success?

  27. Who’s the most successful person you know? What in your eyes makes them successful? Do they fit your definition?

  28. Whose opinion matters to you the most? Would this persons opinion stop you from doing something you really wanted to do?

  29. What’s your theme tune for life?

  30. If you could press pause on your life right now, what’s the one thing you would change moving forward? Why?

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