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Pick your hard!

There’s no denying it, life is hard.

It’s hard being overweight. It’s hard going to the gym. It’s hard having no money . It’s hard going to a job you hate. It’s hard being sad all the time. It’s hard to think positive. It’s hard to be on your own. It’s hard meeting new people.

Yep, life is hard. Or as hard as you make it.

But what’s the alternative?

You find it hard living with the shape you’ve let your body become. But you find it just as hard motivating yourself to go the gym. Pick your hard – because either way, you’re in a struggle, you’re fighting some sort of battle, you’re going against yourself (to begin with at least).

But which battle is worth fighting? Is it the battle you have in your mind, criticizing your body on a daily basis? Or is it the battle that goes in your mind when each day, you try to convince yourself to exercise?


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