12 week goal achievement plan

Welcome to our 12 week goal achievement plan! 

Is this plan for you?

The fact that you've clicked on to this page indicates that you're ready for change in your life! 


There's one simple objective to this plan: momentum

Without growth in life, there's nothing. If you

How it works

It's all well and good creating a bunch of goals from the comfort of your sofa, getting all excited, feeling really g

Whenever you set yourself a goal - who do you hold yourself accountable to? 

Most coaches would say that the only person you need to be accountable to is you.

Most procrastinators will tell you that not having someone to be accountable to is one of their biggest hurdles. I mean, if it was that easy - we'd all be doing it, right? But how do you motivate yourself to be the best version of you? 

You know how when you sign up to the gym, you're more likely to go if a friend is going to the same class or is going to be there at the same time? This program works the same way. 

You have two options of how to be accountable:

1. If you're the shy type and want to remain annoymous for a while, you can report back directly to us at info@regencyhypnotherapy.com 

We'll send you instructions on how often you need to do this and what you need to send us.

2. Join our closed private Facebook group and report back 

The rules

We only have one rule and that's YOU give this program your best shot. That no matter what happens over the next 12 weeks, you promise to see it to the end. 

Don't panic! You're not signing away your life or committing to anything you can't cope with. These are your goals, created by you because you want a better life, for you. We want to help you achieve that and we'll give all the tools you need but there's no getting around this. Life doesn't change unless you put in the work! 

Having worked through this program ourselves, we know that sometimes you have really good weeks and sometimes you have terrible weeks. The chances are these are times that you're most likely to give up. 

When you sign up to do this plan, all we ask of you is that you you are agree not to give up! No matter how many targets you miss, you stick with it. Not for 12 weeks. You can give up all you want after that. 

If you've had a bad week. So what? Keep going.  

Why you should join
How much does it cost?

Nothing, nada, zilch. 

That's right, this program is completely FREE for clients of Regency Hypnotherapy and anyone you think may benefit from joining. We trust your judgement!

Think of the friend who always talks about changing their life but seems to be stuck in the same old rut.

Additional support

We've just created a new private closed Facebook group called THE HAPPY SOUL HUB.

As it's a closed group, when you comment, post or like anything in this group none of your friends can see it. 

The group has  literally just been created so there's hardly any members at the moment but over the coming months, this will grow as more and more people. Don't let that put you off. We're building a new community and for it to work, we need you to show up! 

The Happy Soul Hub is one place where you can be uniquely you. There's no fronting or pretending to be someone you're not. If you need help and advice on anything, just say. There are no judgments. Only good vibes. We want to create a community of people who have  the willingness to work on themselves to create a better life and to help others along the way. If that's you... join today! 

For the group to really work - interact. 

Where there's a will there's a way! 

What happens when the plan finishes?